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I was tagged by queer_theory, and I tag whoever else wants to do it and hasn't done it yet.

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Sep. 29th, 2014

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It turns out I didn't fly out to Missouri after all. My flight was supposed to be at 10am and I woke up at like 5 sick to my stomach. *shakes fist at body's stupid timing* I took some Pepto and tried to go back to sleep but no dice.

So I canceled my flight. Idk if it was food poisoning again (though I couldn't remember eating anything dodgy) or if I actually had something, but I didn't want to spend four hours on a plane while sick, and if I was infectious I certainly didn't want to give it to any of my friends, the bride, or one of said friends' twin babies.

So that sucked. In hindsight I was maybe a little over-cautious, because I was... okay, I guess, the rest of the weekend. Not "right," because my stomach was sore (despite that I didn't throw up or retch _that_ much) and everything I ate for three days was like "are you suuuuure?"

On the upside, Dad, who had arranged to take the kids because Alan had to work, still wanted them, so Alan and I had a nice quiet house and got some good, and overdue, us-time. We snuggled on the couch and watched a movie on Saturday after he came home, and had brunch on Sunday once my stomach wasn't feeling rebellious anymore. The kids had fun, Grandpa had fun. There was snow at the pass (surprise!) so Liam was introduced to that while they were out on a drive. Apparently he was really bothered by it sticking to his shoes, which sounds adorable.


Sep. 25th, 2014

I FLY OUT TO MISSOURI IN LESS THAN TWELVE HOURS. Wow that snuck up on me. It was all, oh, end of the month, a couple weeks, the Thursday after next, and suddenly TOMORROW. How did that happen?

I should be packing but instead I'm doing that do-everything-except-for-what-you-should-be-doing procrastination thing. Like, oh, I can't pack unless I wash _all_ my laundry. Like, every piece of clothing I own has to be clean, even the stuff I'm not putting in my suitcase because I haven't decided yet what _is_ going into my suitcase.

The friend I'm staying with has work on Friday so I may have the day to tool around town or find a museum or park or library to hang out in with my laptop. I have yet to duplicate the sublime experience of writing in the Louvre's statue garden but I have hope ;)

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A friend from college is getting "married" (renewing vows 'cause her Air Force fiance is being sent to Japan so they did a quickie at the courthouse so she could go with) so I am flying out to Missouri next weekend. I'm so excited to see my Cottey girls again, as well as having a kids- and husband-free little vacation. Woo hoo!

Sep. 7th, 2014

lmfao. Liam just came out here, bare-bottomed, handed kiwifruitbata fresh diaper, and said, "Okay, bye!" and ran back into the house.

wtf, mate?

Doctor Who episode 3 reaction

I liked it, really. That was the most Doctor Who-y the show has been in a while and I love it. Not a whole lot of points here but that's a good thing because I didn't find as much to poke at this time around.

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I'm making this:

because I have always wanted a white reeeeally late Victorian Edwardian picnic dress.

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Doctor Who episode 2 reaction

Oh hey, I managed to watch the whole thing. Only took me two hours.

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