Thirty... I don't even know

Present, Holiday: Birthday
Happy birthday to meeee!

chianagirl (I totally tried to tag your tumblr name there :p) gave me a pretty pretty of our babies ScarGold. :D

*pets them* Yes, she's pregnant. We're so excited (and so is she, unlike canon. Amazing the difference actually being married for love can make).

Morgan has a choir thing tonight so instead of our customary dinner, the family is going out for pie afterward. Ummyummyummy, as Liam would say. I'm going to wear my new polka dot dress, which still requires some futzing so I'mma get back onto that and tell y'all about it once it's done.

Another project

Sewing, Craft
I made a skirt for Morgan.

I love that fabric. It's "quilting" (don't get me started on quilting endeavors taking over my fabric stores, grr) cotton and I found it in the calicoes, but it feels almost like muslin, soft and a little fuzzy. That coupled with the pastel, almost faded, colors gives it a "lived-in" look right off the bat.

Morgan likes it.

Order Muppet strikes again

Sewing, Craft
So I'm making this dress

in white with purple polka dots, and solid dark purple trim.

Here's my fabric

oh my god it has a nap!! (non-sewers: see how the shades shift from light to dark but then go straight back to light? That means it has a right-way-up) Arrgh. :(

Okay, so I have to lay everything down top-to-bottom instead of turning some upside down to fit side by side - other crafty types know how that goes. Fortunately, the (always rather liberal) layout in the instructions says to do it like that, anyway, so at least I'm not short on yardage.

As I'm pinning it down, I notice that the waistline notation on the front piece is ON A DIFFERENT COLOR ROW than the waist on the back piece. Oh noes!

So now I'm unpinning the back piece to shift it down until the waistline is on the same row. *facepalm*

I could have worn it quite happily, until I noticed that. Now it would bug me and I'd never be able to _not_ see that the shade was different on either side of the side seam.

Book # 01 - Star Trek

Wow, it's been a long time since I did a 50 book challenge - or 24, as is much more reasonable for me. Well, I'm going to try again, because I miss reading, much as I enjoy everything I do online - and evidently I do a lot - it eats up a _whole_ lot of time, and my attention span is markedly shorter than it used to be, so this year I'm going to try to unplug more and find other ways to spend my time and engage my brain.

So, I picked up Star Trek, the novelization of the first reboot!verse movie, toward the end of last year, to help me write my Star Trek AU fic for the Rumbelle Secret Santa exchange on tumblr, and finished reading it last night.

It was... okay. Usually what I enjoy about movie novelizations are the extra bits of exposition in the narration that are either edited from the finished movie for time, or too subtle to notice onscreen. This novel didn't have many of those, so it was eh. I didn't get anything from reading it that I didn't already have from the movie, which at times made it hard to keep reading, especially after I was done writing my fic and no longer "needed" it.

Title: Star Trek
Author: Alan Dean Foster
Pages: 274

1 / 24 words. 4% done!

Nov. 21st, 2013

Nynaeve, Content
Same old, same old here. kiwifruitbat is working, Monkey is in school. Oh, Liam is in daycare now, and he seems to enjoy it. He still isn't talking (though vocalizing plenty), which is kind of a bummer because I look forward to hearing what he has to say.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year, doing a dark fairy tale which I'm coming to realize doesn't have 50k words in it. I may have to get, well, creative.

RP continues to be fun. Scarlett has found out she's pregnant and is not-so-patiently waiting until she's in the clear to tell EVERYONE. It's amazing how different her attitude about pregnancy is when she actually _likes_ her husband. ;)

And really that's pretty much it. Not much of an update but there's not much happening, so.


Sleepy Hollow Land Challenge 07: 10 in 10

Team Horsemen
Icons for sleepyhollowlnd's challenge.

Fear Off-center Quote BAMF Blocking Simplicity Colorful Headless Negative Space Black and White

Free for snatchin' - please credit me.

sig tag 04

Oct. 21st, 2013

Internet forever

sleepyhollowlnd is a new interactive land comm dedicated to the TV series Sleepy Hollow!
Apply for Team Horsemen HERE and let them know I sent you!

sleepyhollowlnd sleepyhollowlnd sleepyhollowlnd

I've never done a land comm before, but this looks like fun! :D

OUaT Fanfic: Gilded (Mr. Gold/Belle historical au) - Chapter 2 "A Generous Man"

Dress, Alice, Victoriana

Summary: Manhattan, 1887. Mr. Gold was injured in the Civil War twenty-five years ago. Now he's a railroad robber baron, and he has a new maid...

Rating: PG-13/T

Chapter 2
"I am a generous man, and I do love a desperate soul."

ups and downs

God is watering my lawn for me right now, isn't that nice of Him? I could sit in front of an open window right now just breathing because it smells so lovely.

On the other hand, sniff, see ya next time, summer.

On Friday night I didn't bother going to bed, because Mom was showing up at five in the morning on Saturday so I could drive her and Rich to the airport 'cause they're going to be in Canada for a week. So I did that, came home, and still didn't bother trying to sleep, because kiwifruitbat had to be at work at eight in the morning (usually he's an afternoon/evening worker). This change in his schedule was because he, too, had a flight on Saturday and will be gone for a week. His step/adoptive grandfather died at the end of August, and the memorial was today (well, yesterday New Zealand time, now), so he flew home for that. I sort-of napped while he was working (couldn't actually sleep because the kids were awake and playing in the front room and in need of occasional food/drink/diaper changes), picked him up at 4:30 and drove straight down to San Francisco. Made good time, too, despite having to use a new route because the Bay Bridge is closed. We at least knew this ahead of time and mapquested accordingly.

I thought I was done with this bullshit of putting him on a plane and sending him across the ocean. :(

On the upside, in a nice poetic circle-of-life moment, his sister had her baby yesterday, so yay for him being an uncle (by blood this time), _and_ hopefully he'll be able to see/hold his nephew before he comes home.

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